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transprose is a team of two technical translators: Anne-Virginie Poidvin, who obtained a DESS (postgraduate diploma) in Translation Studies from the University of Rennes II in 2001 and Anne-Laure Lecellier, herself postgraduated in Translation Studies from the same university in 2012. Anne-Virginie started her career as a proofreader and project manager for a large translation agency based in The Netherlands. Upon her return to France in 2003, she set herself up as as a freelance technical translator. Since then the business has been growing and she teamed up with Anne-Laure in 2012.

The projects we are entrusted with are managed internally, we do not outsource. The translations done can be double checked: translated by one of us and proofread by the other.

Together we translate from English, Dutch and German into French. Most of the documents we translate are linked to the IT, automotive and technical fields. But we also have expertise in HR, tourism, legal and medical translations. We use the most common CAT tools, such as Studio and MemoQ, on a daily basis and can handle a large number of file formats (.doc, .rtf, .ppt, .html, .ttx, etc.).

Our experience allowed us to gain a good insight of the translation industry. We know the importance of deadlines and translation instructions. Expect no bad surprise, your translation is handled in a professional way. We deliver what you expect… from three different languages! Whether you need a translation from an English, a German or a Dutch text, you can count on us. The quality of the final document is guaranteed whatever the source language is.