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Hello, my name is Anne-Virginie Lerat. I obtained a DESS (postgraduate diploma) in Translation Studies from the University of Rennes II in 2001 and started my career as a proofreader and project manager for a large translation agency based in The Netherlands. Upon my return to France in 2003, I set myself up as as a freelance technical translator. Since then the business has been growing and in April 2006 I founded the SARL (limited liability company) TRANSPROSE. Despite this status, I carry out all the translations myself and  do not subcontract any projects.

I mainly work on technical documents: instruction manuals, user guides, help files, software, etc. My areas of expertise are varied, however the majority of the texts I translate are related to ICT, the motor industry and mechanics. Each text is handled equally carefully, whatever the subject, the nature or the format. Perfectly adept at using the main computer-aided translation tools, I employ these for almost every project (whatever the size) to aid consistency and am therefore able to handle a wide range of file formats (.doc, .rtf, .ppt, .html, etc.).

Welcome to this site, enjoy your visit! If you wish to contact me for further information or a no obligation quotation, go to the Contact page.


New clients: 5% reduction on your first order! Do not hesitate to contact me for further details.


Why call upon my services for your translation requirements?

Do you require a technical document to be translated from English, Dutch or German into French? Do you already have a translation which you wish to have proofread or whose quality you wish you check? Are you looking for a professional and reliable translator but you don't know who to turn to?

Here are 10 good reasons to call upon my services for your translation requirements:.

  1. I have a perfect command of my own language, French.
  2. I carry out translations myself in their entirety: knowing who you are entrusting the project to means no nasty surprises.
  3. I proofread all translations myself before delivery.
  4. Having worked as a project manager for a translation agency, I have strong organisational and coordination skills. I also understand the essential role of communication in the success of a project.
  5. I am skilled in the use of computer aided translation tools.
  6. I always abide by the reference documents provided. If they are not reliable for obvious reasons, I will inform you about this immediately.
  7. I do not hesitate to ask questions in the event of doubts about the terminology, the context, etc. However these are restricted only to relevant questions.
  8. I stick to deadlines. If I foresee any delay in terms of the delivery, I will inform you about this straight away.
  9. I offer competitive rates.
  10. I am able to be flexible in order to adapt myself better to the needs of the client, even once a project is underway.

Not yet convinced? Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to show you examples of my work, or even carry out a test translation free of charge.

Services offered

Technical translating

My main activity consists of translating from English, Dutch and German into French and I only translate into my native language. My areas of expertise include computer technology (instruction manuals for software and materials , product specifications, help files, software strings, websites, etc.), office equipment (instruction manuals for fax machines, printers, scanners, telephones, etc.), the motor industry and technical documentation in general.

Quality control

I also check the terminology, linguistic accuracy, style and layout of documents which have already been translated into French.


Benefiting from the knowledge I have acquired in terms of computer-aided translation tools, I can also help you update your existing translation memories or create glossaries based on existing translations.


I can also take care of the alignment of projects (to create a translation memory with the aid of previously translated documents) and therefore check the coherence of terminology, the linguistic accuracy and the style of the translation.




You can contact me from Monday to Thursday, from 9.00am to 6.00pm GMT+1 and on Fridays from 9.00am to 12.00pm GMT+1. The best way to contact me is by email. You should receive a reply to your enquiry the same day.


My output varies according to the nature and the subject of the texts I am working on, however I am generally able to translate between 2,500 and 3,000 words and to proofread between 7,000 and 8,000 words per day.

My approach

I only translate into my native language and only accept projects within my areas of expertise which I know that I can complete to the specific requirements of the client and return on the agreed deadline.

I proofread and check my translations meticulously before delivery and encourage my clients to send me a purchase order, specifying all the details of the project.

In order to achieve the greatest possible coherence, I use computer-aided translation tools for almost all my projects. This enables my clients to benefit consistently from a sliding scale of rates linked to the use of such tools.

Applications and software

Below is a list of the main applications I have and use on a regular basis as part of my work.

  • Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Office 2010
  • Across Personal Edition
  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional
  • Alchemy Catalyst 7
  • ApSIC Xbench 2.8
  • Poedit
  • QA Distiller
  • SDL Passolo 2009
  • SDL Passolo 2011
  • SDL Trados 2007
  • SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP3
  • SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP1
  • SDLX
  • Wordfast


I abide by the confidentiality obligations agreed with my clients, which is why I do not refer to the clients I have recently worked for or to the projects which I have recently carried out. However, I can provide you with examples of my work if you wish. Please also feel free to request a test translation, free of charge, which will enable you to assess my skills.

Here are, nevertheless, some of the messages received from my clients over the course of our working relationship...

"Je suis très contente de la qualité des fichiers relus jusqu’à maintenant, je viens de vous recommander à une de mes collègues pour un projet similaire (tourisme)."

"I was speaking to a colleague in Zurich who used other translation services in the past. He said that he has never received a product that could go out the door on the first pass and was impressed that the French letter was ready right out of the "box". Well done!"

"Your test translation was "excellent" according to the proofreader. Congratulations!"

"Ik vroeg me af of je nog tijd had voor een vertaling van 2121 woorden, NL-FR voor onze nieuwe klant xxx. Ze waren heel tevreden over je vorige vertaling, daarom vraag ik het eerst aan jou."

"The editor checked your translation and the evaluated grade was "excellent". All instructions which I provided were also followed. Thank you for your quality translation."

"Aangezien jullie regelmating vertalen voor xxx, wil ik langs deze weg graag laten weten dat zij tevreden zijn over her geleverde vertaalwerk."

"Merci de votre traduction. Le réviseur du projet Passolo m’a d’ailleurs demandé de vous passer ses compliments pour votre traduction."

"The client was very pleased with yesterday’s xxx project. They informed me that their proofreader did not have to make any changes."

"I finished editing the files you translated for us and was very happy with the quality."

"I am contacting you for a rather urgent project. A few months ago you translated a few texts for a new client of ours, xxx. They were very happy with the quality of the translations and now they would like you to take care of this project."

"Verder heb je dit bestand goed vertaald. Deze tekst is niet goed geschreven, maar je hebt goed geïnterpreteerd what hij bedoelt. Compliment!"

"I was just wanted to let you know that our client was very happy with your translation. They thought it was really good."



In terms of pricing, my policy is clear and open.

I apply a standard rate of 0.11 euros per source word for translations. 

For translation using a computer-aided translation tool (such as Trados, SDLX, Passolo, Catalyst, etc.) I offer a sliding scale of rates for matches and repetitions. Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Proofreading is billed on an hourly rate of 30 euros.

I also apply a fixed rate of 30 euros for translations which are less than 300 words.

My rates are subject to a 25% surcharge for urgent projects (after 5.00pm for delivery the next morning, for example) or projects to be carried out during the weekend (after 5.00pm on Fridays for delivery on Monday morning, for example).

Please note that I do not add supplements according to the nature of the text, the file format or the language combination. For long-term projects, particular terms may be agreed upon,  however, I do not offer reductions based on the volume of a project (with the exception of the aforementioned sliding scale rates). Similarly, I generally do not consider offers at less than 0.08 euros per source word.

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